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Your first survey

It's very easy to get a simple survey ready for publication with SurveyFactory. First you add the survey, then you add the questions and then you're done! But you need to have an account with us. If you haven't already, go ahead and sign up for a Free Trial.

Go to your Account Manager

You can access your Account Manager from nearly every page on our site. Most the time it will appear in the right-hand navigation list as pictured below:

Account manager.gif

Create your Survey

Click the Create Survey link in your Account Manager. If you haven't created any surveys yet, the link will appear in a big box like this:

Create survey.gif

Once you create a survey, a list of your surveys is shown, with the link to create a new one shown in the upper right corner of the list:

Create survey preexisting.gif

Configure your Survey

The first thing you need to do is configure your survey. Forget about all the options for now. All you need is a title. Set the title (Step 1) and select your template (Step 2). You can preview each template option in the window below the selector. It's best to stick with the SurveyFactory template for now, though, because we'll use that template for this tutorial.

Config survey.gif

Once you've completed the sections indicated above, click the Create Survey button at the bottom right of the page.

Config survey btn.gif

Add a Question

You'll now be presented with an overview of your survey. This will become a familiar sight in time, but for now it may appear a bit confusing. Just click on the Add Question button as displayed below to begin adding content to your survey.

Add question.gif

Now you'll have to choose what question type you want. Go ahead and select the first type offered, the Choose One Answer link.

Question choose one answer.gif

The first thing you need to fill out is the Question Text. This is the question or statement you want the user to see. For this example, let's ask the user "Are you satisfied with your service?"

Config question qtext.gif

Now we need to set up the possible answers. This question is easy. We'll just have them answer "Yes" or "No". To do this, locate the Answer Choices section of the form. Fill out the Answer Text field (Step 1) with Yes and then click the Add Answer button (Step 2).

Config question answers.gif

Go ahead and repeat the steps, but enter No into the Answer Text. Once you've added the second answer, both options should be listed like this:

Config question answers 2.gif

Leave the rest of the options alone for now and click the Add Question button. You'll be presented with your question details. You can see how the question will look in the preview and, if you don't like it, you can click an Edit button to go back and make changes.

Add More Questions

The hardest part is done! Now you just need to fill out that survey a bit by adding more questions. Continue the tutorial to add different questions and complete your survey.