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User Account Permissions

User Account Permissions control what your subusers are able to see and how they are able to interact with the various features of your plan. There are many controls that allow you to fine tune what you wish your subusers to see, and even exceptions so that you can grant them more permissions for specific items within your plan.


There are a few instances when permissions may not behave exactly as you would expect. These generally occur when two different permission types are affecting the same item.

Templates and Language Files within a Survey

Assume you have a subuser who does not have permission to view any custom templates or language files, but they do have permission to view (or view and edit) a survey in which a custom template and 2 custom language files are already defined. In order for this subuser to be able to view question configurations or edit the survey without switching the template that is assigned to this survey, view template permissions must be granted while interacting with that survey. The user will still not be able to access the template directly or see its full configuration, but they will be able to customize template fields for surveys and questions, or if they are editing the survey they will be allowed to maintain its connection with that custom template. The same holds true for custom language files -- the user will be able to see that those custom language files are attached to the survey and will also be able to keep them attached if they edit the survey. Other than that, the permissions you define for language files and templates will remain intact, and the subusers will not be able to view or edit them directly unless you have granted them that permission.

Data Sets within a Publication

Another problem case arises when you have a Data Set Publication for which a user with access to one of the data sets for which another subuser does not have access, creates invitations for that data set. In this case, the subuser who does not normally have access to that data set will be granted permission to see that there are invitations. They will not be able to see the specific invitations or edit them in any way. Furthermore, if you have granted permission for that subuser to view responses for the survey in which the invitations exist, the subuser will be able to view responses created under those invitations. They will not, however, be able to see the individual invitation or data set record, as it will be masked when they view or print the response.

Publications and Surveys

If you give your users the permission to 'Publish' a survey, then they will also be able to edit, activate, deactivate and delete all the publications for that survey, even if the 'Manage' survey permission is disabled for that subuser.

If your subuser has permission to 'View' a survey, they will also have permission to view all of the publications of that survey. They will not be able to modify or delete the publications in any way unless they have the 'Publish' permission for that survey as well.