Survey logic

In some cases, you might need something more than just a list of questions spread across pages. Survey Logic allows you to customize how your survey behaves. You can display some questions only if the respondent's answer to one question is appropriate, or loop back over certain questions several times if needed.

SurveyFactory supports both Conditions and Loops. Conditions allow you to show or hide questions in different circumstances. An example might be when you only want to display certain questions if the respondent is over a certain age. In this case, you can use a condition to hide the questions if the respondent supplies their age and it is below your desired limit.

Loops allow you to repeat a question or set of questions. An example might be when you want the respondent to specify how many cats they have. In this case, you can use a loop that will then ask the respondent for each cats name. If they said they have five cats, the question will loop five times. If they said three, it will loop three times.

SurveyFactory's Conditions and Loops are very robust and can perform some of the most complex survey logic on the web today. So take a look at the information provided and experiment to see what you can do with Conditions and Loops.