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Question scoring

Question scoring is an option that becomes available if you check the option Enable scoring and grading for this survey in the survey editor. Question scoring is currently only available on multiple choice and open ended question types: Choose One Answer, Choose Multiple Answers, Single Answer Menu, Multiple Answer Menu, Single Text Field and Text Field List.

Notes on scoring

A question is scored whenever the respondent submits it. If the respondent has not provided a valid answer for the response, it will be scored a 0. Otherwise, the specific automatic scoring parameters you have setup will apply. This score and potential score will remain attached to that question until it is resubmitted by the respondent or rescored by an administrator.

A respondent may only receive a score from 0 to the maximum points possible defined for each question. Therefore, if you have negative scores defined, the score for any question will never go below 0. This is also true for the response overall. If you are not using an automatic calculation of the maximum score possible and the respondent scores higher than the maximum points possible that you have set, their score will be capped.