SurveyFactory Documentation Documentation Publishing your survey and gathering results
Publishing your survey and gathering results


In order to start collecting data, you need to publish your survey so that respondents can access it. Once it's published, you can view results and start using the data you've collected.

You can publish a survey though a Linking URL or a Data Set. For our tutorial, we're going to use a Linking URL publication, but check out the docs to learn more about Data Set publications if you have the time.

Go to your Account Manager

You can access your Account Manager from nearly every page on our site. Most the time it will appear in the right-hand navigation list as pictured below:

Account manager.gif

Create a Publication

Find the Publish button located to the right of your Survey in your Account Manager.

Publish btn.gif

Depending on whether or not you've already got a Data Set configured in your account, you may be asked to choose how you'd like to publish this survey. If so, choose Linking URL as displayed in this picture. If you aren't taken to this page, just skip this image and start reading the next paragraph of this tutorial.

Publish linkURL.gif

You'll be taken to a configuration page with several options. Like most of SurveyFactory's features, you can customize a vast number of different settings for your Publication. For most people, though, the basic setup will work perfectly. You will need to handle a few things, though.

First, add a Publication Name (Step 1). This should be something to help you identify this publication. I've used "My First Publication". You also need to add a Publication Identifier (Step 2). This is used within website links, so you are restricted in what characters you can use. The best thing is to think of a shortened version of your title. I've used "firstpub" to stand for "My First Publication".

You may want to change the Response Frequency (Step 3). By default, it is set to "One Response per Respondent". This will prevent a single person from filling out your survey multiple times. If you want anyone to be able to fill it out as many times as they'd like, though, you can change this to "Multiple Responses per Respondent". It's up to you!

When you're all done, be sure to click the "Publish Survey" button at the bottom of the page (Step 4).

Publish config.gif

Link to your Publication

Once you've created a publication, you'll be taken to an overview of that publication. Here you'll need to choose your Linking Method (Step 1). You can choose to link to your publication, embed it in an IFRAME or display it in a DHTML popup. Each one of these methods requires that you copy and paste code into your webpage (Step 2). The simplest method is the Copy and Paste Link. Once you've chosen a method the code will appear for you to copy.

Publish linkmethod.gif

Once you've copied the code, paste it into your webpage's HTML code. There are hundreds of different programs and tools you may be using to build your website, so it's impossible to say exactly how to paste the code.

View the Results

Once the link is placed on your website, though, your visitors will be able to view and complete your survey. Go ahead and try it out yourself. When you're done, find out how to view and manage your results.