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Managing domains

With our domain name service, you can point any domain or sub-domain to our service, which allows you to dispatch the surveys as if they were coming directly from you. This involves adding a CNAME (canonical name entry) record through the company you registered and bought your domain from. As an example, if you wanted to use, you would create a CNAME record (canonical name entry) for to point to Once you have added this entry, return here to add to your list of domains. Please allow 2 to 24 hours for the nameservers' cache to be updated, since it really depends on how often they are updated by the domain company.

Once you successfully point the domain name, you can serve the surveys you created with our service as if they were originating from your website. Assuming you added the sub-domain, and an example link to one of your published surveys was, you will be able to serve that as

Configuring DNS Records with Popular Domain Companies

We have listed instructions below on how to configure your DNS records to work with our domain name service for some of the more popular domain companies. If you do not see instructions for your particular situation or if you encounter inaccurate instructions, please notify us.

Other Domain Companies

If your domain was not purchased through one of the domain companies above, please contact your domain name service regarding instructions on how to add a CNAME record to point a domain to our services.

Adding a Domain to your Plan

Once the domain or sub-domain is pointed to our service, it is time to add it to your account plan. Access your plan through the Account Manager and look near the top of the plan box. Look for the label Custom Domain Names. On the far right of that field, depending on whether you have previously configured domains or not, you will either find a domain names link or a # domain name(s) link. Click on that link to proceed to the domain manager. On the domain manager window, click on the Add Domain link. Then enter the domain name or the sub-domain name and finish the process by clicking on the Add Domain button.

If the domain adding process was not successful, here are a list of things that might have caused it:

  • Make sure the spelling of the domain or sub-domain was correct.
  • The domain or sub-domain should not precede with http:// or end with a slash / or backslash \.
  • Your domain company's DNS servers may not have propagated the domain name yet. Give it more time (at least 48 hours total from the time you added or modified the CNAME record).