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Linking URL publication

The Linking URL publication method will publish your survey on the web. SurveyFactory will then provide you with three options for displaying your survey.

Copy and Paste Link: This option will simply provide you with the HTML code to link to your survey. You can place this in your website, allowing users to click the link to access your survey.

Embed IFRAME: This option will provide you with the HTML code to embed the survey within an IFRAME in your website. An IFRAME will display the survey in a small panel within your webpage. This way, you can hide the URL location of the survey and display it as an integrated page of your own website. You'll want to set the width and height of the window so that it fits appropriately into your page. Be careful not to set it too small, or the user may have problems viewing questions properly.

DHTML Popup: This option will provide you with the JavaScript code to have the survey "pop up" in a new window. It can pop up automatically when the page is loaded or you can have it pop up only when the user clicks a link.