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Default template

The default template provided is very flexible. Below are some of the ways its template variables can be configured:

Use Equal Column Widths

Setting this field to Yes for a matrix question will cause all of the answer columns to appear in equal proportions (unless individual column widths are set for an answer). Therefore, if you want all of your matrix columns to be the same width, set this field to 'Yes'. You may also want to use the Row Label Column Width template variable for full control of the column widths.

Row Label Column Width

This field allows you to set the width of the column used to display the row labels for matrix questions. This value will be used in CSS, so you may use a % or pixel count. 25% or 100px would be valid values.

If you set the Use Equal Column Widths to Yes, you should use a % value in this field. The remaining columns will then share the remainder of 100% in order to determine the column size. For instance, let's say that you have a matrix question type that has 3 answer choices. If you set the Row Label Column Width to 10%, the remaining three columns will use up 90% of the width of the table and each of those columns will be set to 30%.