Data Sets

Data sets are used within the survey platform to allow you to store information about people you wish to survey (called a record). You can then add or upload records to your data set which will allow you to create invitations for your surveys or populate a response using the information contained in each record. There are currently two different types of data sets supported by the survey platform:

Address Book data set

The Address Book data set is available in all plans and allows you to store the following information for each record in your data set:

  • ID - internal record number
  • Email Address - up to 127 characters
  • First Name - up to 63 characters
  • Last Name - up to 63 characters
  • Nickname - up to 63 characters
  • Tags - up to 1,024 characters

Tags are a space-separated list of keywords that you can then use to search on or narrow your list of invited participants. When adding or modifying a record in the address book, the tags field may contain up to 1,024 characters, but each tag may be no more than 31 characters in length.

Custom Table data set

The Custom Table data set is only available for certain plans, or when purchased as an additional feature. It allows you to create a data set that contains any columns you desire and store much more information about each record than an Address Book would allow. You can then search, sort, populate responses and more using the information available in each record of your data set.