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Cross Tabulate Results

Cross Tabulation helps you target your results data for a more specific analysis. You can set two questions -- and even rows within questions -- against each other for further interpretation.

This is best explained with an example. In the image below, we're analyzing the results of a survey that asked restaurant customers whether they would return and what most needed to be improved. By cross-tabulating these questions, we can focus in on only those were were not satisfied (those who answered "No", they wouldn't return). As you can see by the cells highlighted in red, those who were not satisfied were almost equally split on the worst aspect of their experience. They were not happy with the Customer Service and the Prices.

Cross tab.gif

This suggests that these are the areas that need the most improvement. It's not all negative, though! You can also see from the results that even those who were not satisfied didn't seem to think there was any problem with the food quality.

Cross Tabulation also offers a neat Gradient feature. This will highlight the cells with the highest percentages so that you can easily recognize response groupings. Sorting is also available to automatically rank column data for easy analysis.