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Create a survey

Survey creation can be an intimidating step at first, due to the overwhelming number of features and options available on our site, but there are actually very little fields and options you are required to fill out for the survey creation process. To begin the survey creation process, go to your Account Manager and click on the Create Survey button. Depending on whether you have existing surveys or not, the Create Survey button will vary. If you do not have any previously created surveys on your plan, there will be a giant Create Survey graphic button. Otherwise, the button can be located on the upper right corner of a window that contains a list of 5 most recently created or modified surveys.

On the Survey Add Page, you are only required to fill out the Survey Name field. Simply enter the survey name and then click on the Create Survey button at the bottom of the page to add your new survey. On this page, you will notice that there are a slew of additional fields for tweaking your survey.

Survey Add Page Fields

The description and information for each of additional field listed on the Survey Add Page can be found below.

Question Randomization

When editing a survey you can select to have questions randomized on their respective pages. Please keep in mind that if you have any loops in your survey logic that question randomization will be ignored on any page that is contained within a loop or on which a loop starts or ends.