Only the main account owner is allowed to control any billing issues related to their plans. Subusers on a plan are not allowed to create a subscription or purchase overage responses. This is due to the way that plan ownership works so that we can be certain the main user has full ownership and control over the plan.

Otherwise, it would be possible for a subuser to pay for the service, only to have the main user subsequently lock them out of the plan and block access to the surveys and responses which had been paid for by the subuser.

For developers or agencies who would like to create accounts that are paid for by their clients, we recommend that you do one of the following:

  1. Have your clients pay you directly for the survey services you provide. You can then control your account, limit client's access to information and pay us directly.
  2. Have your client sign up for an account and pay for service that contains a subuser. They can then add you as a subuser and you can perform any necessary services.

Please note that the owner of an account on our service should never be anyone other than the person or company that has paid for the account. If it is discovered that the owner of the account has been switched to someone other than the payer for the account in the past, we may reserve the right to revert ownership of the account. If you must transfer an account, please contact support so that we may assist you in transferring ownership and verifying that this is desired by all parties involved.